Sagra Blessings: A Blessing Written for a Special Event

First, A very big thank you to our host’s, Jim and Kathy Lyons and their staff, who produce the food we are about to enjoy using practices in balance with the natural environment that minimize the negative impact on our earth; Maintaining biodiversity and fostering healthy soil and growing conditions, toxin free! So thank you Jim and Kathy and staff!

Throughout history, rice has meant more than just sustenance; it is a central element in both culinary and spiritual practices around the world. More then half of our planets population is sustained by it, a bountiful source of B vitamin’s, fiber and antioxidants. Celebrations similar to this “Sagra” are often linked to its harvest and planting!

So, Thank you for this food, which sustains and comes from a source greater then ourselves. Bless this food, thank you to the earth and the people who labored to produce this amazing meal! Thank you for our health and strength and all things good. May others share these blessings and our hearts be grateful everywhere! In the words of Thich Nhat Han, In this food, I clearly see the presence of the universe supporting our existence. And in the words of Jim Lyons, Rice is Love, Gratitude, Wonder and Hope!

Enjoy your meal!


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